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A sense of
There are hundreds of useful and beautiful things in the world that we use or share with others. Some of them help us in work, others are needed at home. However, there is one particular "thing" that will come in handy in any situation - it is the right mood.
I have always liked good scents and how they are able to influence a person. And thus the idea of creating fragrances with specific goals has appeared.
Christina Kurganska
Founder & CEO of Ol.factory
For centuries, people have used fragrances as the final touch, making their look perfect. So why not use them for business?
Studies have shown that odors have no less effective impact than visual instruments.
The main reason for success of this channel is that all the advertising we see on the boards, on digital or on the TV should stand out from the entire marketing market and have a creative side, or clearly get into the positioning of the brand.
And not everyone succeeds in this!
The modern consumer wants emotions!

And smells in collaboration with product branding can create lasting associations for years ahead.
Ol.factory is the only aromabranding agency on the market of Ukraine that comprehensively covers the matter of creation, branding and integration of aroma into a brand strategy!
Ol.factory — is your Business Perfumer!
84% - in so many cases a pleasant odor drives people to buy products and/or to stay in a store, salon or hotel for a longer period
and mission
Ol.factory is a business perfumer who fills the brand with emotions and helps to earn money with the help of aroma.
We give people another reason to smile at a distance of breath.
Two service vectors: we create a fragrance for the client from scratch with our perfumers and also you can choose from ready-made fragrances that correspond with the main human emotions.
creating a fragrance

High-grade natural components are used in the composition and production.

Deep expertise and cooperation with French perfumers of the Institute of Perfumery in Grasse. Fragrances are manufactured in strict accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards.
and service
Aromasystems from world manufacturers provide balanced spray, economical consumption and long lasting effect. We are about individual approach and comprehensive service to our customers!
What are the
challenges of aromabranding?
Increasing brand awareness
Improving efficiency
Support of business relations
Thoughts like "beauty salon is the smell of hairspray, and dentistry is the smell of medicines" is long gone! A unique scent is actually a particular component which will help you stand out from your competitors and be remembered by your customers.
We listen, feel, make creative things and fill the concept of the brand with emotions. We create the uniqueness of space, the uniqueness of the brand through an individual scent which is part of the branding!
Scenting of workspace for greater concentration and productivity of employees
Development of unique corporate gifts with an unobtrusive, but effective reminding of your business
We are destroying the stereotypical perception of the world and brands by consumers
They are already
working with us: