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Fragrance creation
and aromabranding
Creation of a unique olfactory aroma formula that matches your brand.

After the briefing and the formulation of the objectives, the expert perfumers in France take over the job.

After 21 working days, you will receive 3-5 samples (compositions), from which you choose the one that most accurately conveys the mission and positioning of your brand.

As soon as the fragrance is chosen - the launch of production and certification, which also lasts 21 working days will start. According to your goals we provide two services of aroma branding "STANDART" and "COMPLEX":
- creating an individual fragrance (5L)
- atmospheric and advertising aromatization
- integration of the fragrance into gift / advertising formats: candle, room spray, sanitizers.
And in the "COMPLEX" service:
+ olfactory strategy within the overall brand / communication strategy of the company (half-year / year): we create a step-by-step guide for the use and integration of the fragrance, depending on the brand news.
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The mechanics of integrating niche fragrance into souvenir products is structured as follows:
Understanding the positioning of the business, the target audience and information channels for gifts, we create stylish souvenirs for your clients and friends from scented candles, diffusers, dressing rooms and car sachets to individual invitations, printed products and various real carriers of the fragrance.

Fragrance retail is filled with the emotion of gratitude to your customers and colleagues.
Because "Sense of Business through Fragrance".
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We are about business! About style and about uniqueness! About filling your space with scents! We encourage your customers to make the purchase and to enjoy being at location for as long as possible.

? What are diffusers? What is the technique? What power should be?
All questions about premises scenting are reviewed and calculated by our technician, and after that we suggest you all possible scented variations.

A comprehensive service of premises scenting both unique Ol.factory branded and customized (what are you trying to say here? There can be several meanings), created for your business, using the key goals of a well-formed strategy and brand positioning.

Fragrance as a part of brand identity. .
Ol.factory uses a yearly subscription system with monthly customer service to maximize the wow effect for your customers.
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All types of events represent a solid business opportunity regardless of the size and format of the venue.
Event halls are good examples of the places to scent in order to achieve the greatest oucome!

We integrate unique aromas which influence the emotions of your guests into your event space .
The task is to help your guests to concentrate on the important things or to feel needed emotions. Relax or feel the atmosphere of business training, performance.
Similarly to the premises scenting service:

It is possible to scent your event by both unique Ol.factory brand aromas that already exist in our portfolio as well as individual – created specifically for your event.

Fragrance as part of a corporate style of forum, conference or presentation!
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Fragrance creation and aromabranding
Gifts scenting
Premises scenting
Events scenting
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